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Ensemble Made in Canada

Audience as a Critic - 2018-2019

AUDIENCE AS CRITIC – February 2, 2019

Elissa Lee, violin
Sharon Wei, viola
Angela Park, piano
Trey Lee, cello (for Rachel Mercer)


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
Piano Quartet No. 2 in E flat major, K. 493

The Mosaïque Project
William Rowson
Short Variations on Waves
Vivian Fung
Shifting Landscapes
Barbara Croall
Nbiidaasamishkaamin/ We Come Paddling Here
Sarah Slean
Jonny Pippy of Pouch Cove, on a Bicycle at Dawn
Nicole Lizée
The Bessborough Hotel
Julie Doiron
Andrew Downing
Red River Fantasy

Johannes Brahms
Piano Quartet No. 3 in C minor, Op. 60



Indra Egan, piano

Robert Schumann 
Widmung, S. 566 (arr. Franz Liszt)



“Brilliant Mosaïque Project”

Loved the pre-concert interview conducted by Sarah Jo Kirsch. I was particularly interested in details of the Mosaïque Project. I hope that other pre-concert items may occur in future seasons. Hope we can hear the other 7 Canadian composers in the future. Mozart was charming! Rowson–energetic. Fung–interesting harmonies, not crazy about this one. Croall–Liked this one!!! Allegro–interesting pizzicato and slow glissandi harmonics, other effects impressive. Slean–Lovely and melodic. Enjoyed their story in concert preview about Jonny Pippy of Pouch Cove. Lizée–rubbing strings with paper and foot stomping presumably the “ghosts” walking! Would have loved to see the score! Mouth sound effects most creative! Doiron–Lovely, almost poetic. Downing–fiddle tunes – waiting for some jigging feet! How many time signature changes? Interesting group of 7 compositions. Brahms–Masterful performance of this great Romantic work. Fabulous musicians! Thank you. (MJM)

Thanks for a really fine concert. The Ensemble played beautifully and sensitively together to the music from Mozart and Brahms.
The Mosaïque Project is brilliant. Obviously, they spent a lot of time and energy getting the funding, inviting and evaluating the commissions, and then choosing the repertoire for the cross-Canada tour. That takes thinking outside the box. Congrats to the team.
I enjoyed all the new pieces. They were fresh air. A good way for Virtuosi to celebrate the New Music Festival too. Fine collaboration, Harry. Keep up the good work. Tonight, I was really impressed with the pianist. She has amazing talent. I listened to her play loudly without pounding the keys. She played what I like to call ‘musically assertive’ for her parts, and then very sensitively and nuanced with the trio. It was very interesting to watch and hear. I enjoyed chatting with her too. All the musicians were good conversationalists.
I’d like to suggest that you consider inviting Angela Park to team up with Susan Hoeppner, flautist, to do a program for us. They could do solo work, as well as duo programming. I think they have worked together previously. Another suggestion would be to invite Park and Hoeppner to play their most favourite piece, and also the piece that they disliked most and now have come to love. And they would be able to chat about their choices separately, and as a duo. Indra Egan played beautifully too. It will be interesting to watch her progress.
You are doing a fine job at program building. Winnipeg is so fortunate to have Virtuosi. (GRB)

Indra Egan–very lyrical and beautiful balance, one of my favourite lieder for piano. Mozart–delightful, full of joy and excitement. Melodious and beautiful. Mosaïque Project: Alberta–jagged peaks, rippling streams, glorious as a sound picture. St. Lawrence–lakes, great waves, wind, rough waters, the calm. Newfoundland–cycling along enjoying the fresh air and sonic countryside. Saskatoon–River in the background. Calm, strange sounds from the ghosts. Ghostly noises. New Brunswick–life good, contentment. Neighbourly chats while walking along a roadway. Manitoba-many different people going about their tasks and business on a busy day. Traffic, cyclists, everyone hustling to get to their jobs. Great pictures and moods portrayed in music. Most interesting and great performers and composers. Brahms–dramatic, powerful, intense. Performed by four accomplished artists who handled this complex music with ease. Great concert. (VH)

Appealing Mosaïque Project a breath of Canadian air. Amazing Brahms in the second half, with a breathtaking cello solo to open the third movement. (ME)

I enjoyed the Mosaïque Project immensely. I marvel at the talent of the ensemble. (SB)

Bravo Canadian women composers! (CM)

I enjoyed the pre-concert talk. I would suggest starting 15 minutes later. Being here for 6:30 was a challenge. What about 6:50-7:20? Would 10 minutes be enough to get the rest of the audience in? Thank you for all the work you do-adding this is yet another level of organization. I hope you do this again. I will be there whatever time you decide is best. The concert was excellent. I was especially thrilled by the Mosaïque Project. (SS)

The contemporary pieces were beautiful! Usually I find contemporary music interesting but often not beautiful, so this was really something! (Anonymous)

Indra Egan–Excellent! A delight! So confident, so gifted. And the “Ensemble”–beautiful… and the Mosaïque Project was fascinating. (Anonymous)

Deeply moved by “Blessed.” (PH)

Excellent concert by EMIC. Well structured, smooth presentation, nicely laid-out program book! Bravi! (HS)

I thoroughly enjoyed the Mosaïque Project. The whole program was great! (Anonymous)

Excellent!!! (DW)

Impressive, accomplished musicians. (IC)

Liked the Mosaïque Project. Always good to have classics “Mozart and Brahms”. (MPL)

Wonderful experience. Outstanding professionals, welcoming volunteers and quaint venue. Loved it and will be here again soon! (LB)