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Donald Sinta Quartet

Audience as a Critic - 2018-2019


Dan Graser, soprano sax
Zach Stern, alto sax
Joe Girard, tenor sax
Danny Hawthorne-Foss, baritone sax


David Kechley 
Franz Schubert
Quartettsatz in C minor, D. 703
Christopher Evan Hass
Volcanic Ash
Gabriel Pierné  
Introduction et variations sur une ronde populaire
Samuel Barber
Thierry Escaich
Tango Virtuosi
Dmitri Shostakovich
String Quartet No. 8 in C minor, Op. 110
Marc Mellits 
Ex Machina
Roger Zare



Juliana Moroz, cello

Johann Sebastian Bach
Prélude from Suite No. 6 in D major, BWV 1012



“Brilliant!! Fantastic!! Absolutely Amazing!”

This kind of innovative programing is just terrific! A real pick-me-up in this dark month of January. A varied program with engaging personalities as well. Very virtuosic! Yay! (K & D C)

WOW! What a joy to hear this excellent quartet on soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes. Adolph Saxe invented the instrument in 1885 and would he have dreamed that saxophones could play so many styles of music with such precision, musicality, range of dynamics and complexity of rhythms? Love the humour in Rush, and the Pierné was wonderful.                       (continued over)

I’ve never been much of a fan of Barber’s Adagio, but I found this performance was very moving. Loved the Tango Virtuoso – felt like dancing! Thanks to each of you (DSQ) for your introductions to each piece. Because much of the repertoire is unfamiliar to me, I really appreciated the history behind each piece. This group is so totally attuned to one another, and the fact that they perform entirely from memory is astounding! They obviously enjoy everything they play. Their advocacy of encouraging new works for this combination (of instruments) is admirable. Congratulations on this marvellous concert. Do hope you will return to the Peg! Shostakovich- foreboding commentary on the devastation of war. Haunting three-note motif; sombre work. Ex Machina- crazy funky and I loved it. Nice to prove you can read music! Z4430- out of this universe! And your sense of humour with comments was great! Thanks so much! (MJM)

“Informative, Entertaining, Virtuosic. Thank you for bringing them to Winnipeg.”

Brilliant!! Fantastic!! Absolutely Amazing- In other words, I quite enjoyed this!! A wonderful array of music. The Barber piece was incredible and moving as was the Hass piece. Others were fun and lively. Altogether, wonderful to get a new take on some classics. Thank you! (PJ)

Terrific! What an experience! (I had never heard of a sax quartet before) The quartet went from strength to strength. Loved the Shostakovich! What an experience! What a treat! (Anonymous)

Donald Sinta Quartet was fascinating! Schubert showed some of the melodic lines of Schubert, but with a new sound. Volcanic Ash- Virtuosic and showing the great talent of the performers. Barber- beautiful sounds and great harmony and control. Tango- Truly virtuosic. Pierné- endlessly fun to hear and likely to play. It showed great skill and musicality. Shostakovich- The artists captured the moods of each movement with ease and finesse, a great piece. Mellits- Minimalism never sounded so good. (VH)

Awesome, fun, refreshing, talented. Very nice range of genres! Please bring them again. (CD)

Thank you. What a treat. Thanks for looking outside the box and bringing us a totally new experience. The Adagio was exquisite. Very much loved Volcanic Ash. Also enjoyed Ex Machina and appreciated the Shostakovich. (DS)

Stunning Great Music. Helpful comments. (JC)

Fabulous concert. What a great change-very welcome! (Anonymous)

Wonderful proselytizers for the sax. Their composer competitions add greatly to (the sax) repertoire. (PH)

This is a new experience for us, especially with a saxophone quartet. We are enjoying it very much. The harmony and synchronicity of the quartet is amazing. The choice of the musical selections is very refreshing. Thank you for putting on this concert. (Anonymous)

A very enjoyable listening experience. (S & D B)

Fun concert. Interesting repertoire. Group is tight. (D & A S)

Coming from beyond the perimeter as we do, we don’t get to as many concerts as we might. I’m delighted that we caught this one. It was wonderful! (GW)

Amazing mix of music. Loved the Barber. (RM)

First time I’ve heard a saxophone quartet. Fabulous. Thank you for bringing them. (EG)

Show was great! Thank you. (KM)

I loved it. Great variety. Absolutely awesome. Shame about the heating (noises) but actually- they made up for it! (SA)

Unique concert! The volume was maybe a bit overpowering. Maybe better in a larger venue? (PH)

Bravo. The concert was amazing. I didn’t care for Volcanic Ash but the Tango Virtuoso was fabulous.

I had no idea of the versatility of saxophones. This is a great program!
I enjoyed it very much. The musicians are amazing! Hissing was terribly annoying! Please have the sound system checked or turn it off altogether. Thanks. (GA)
(The hissing sound was due to a malfunction in the air handling unit for the Hall which began during the intermission. ED)

First time I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear a saxophone quartet. These guys are wonderful. The music is beautiful; their teamwork remarkable; and their response to the audience very fine. Enjoyed all the pieces, including the Shostakovich. Especially enjoyed chatting with them after the show. Very personable. And young too… they have a great career potential ahead of them. Please put in a good word for them when you are in New York.  And yes, having them back here for New Music Festival next year would be awesome. Keep up the good work. (GB)